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… between 0 to 15, your organization will have significant challenges adopting Agile in a broad-based manner and it will likely be a slow process to scale Agile beyond the team level. We would love to discuss ideas on ways to introduce Agile so that it can help to address some of your organization’s challenges, and eventually create a workplace that promotes Agile principles. 

… between 16 to 30, your organization will benefit from adopting Agile because it can enable faster time to market, increase product delivery predictability, reduce project risk, increase team morale and improve the organization’s ability to manage changing priorities. 

… between 31 to 40, your organization is Agile-ready. We offer the trainers, coaches and release train engineers to facilitate a smooth transition from your current practices to any of the Agile frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. 



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